Design, Evaluate and Analyze

PC-PUMP helps you design pumping systems for the most complex well conditions and operating environments.
No other software is capable of providing the level of detailed and in-depth analysis.

PC-PUMP allows you to be confident in your decisions!


Advanced Design & Analysis Tools

PC-PUMP offers a wide range of custom design and analysis tools to evaluate and measure the performance of your PCP system.

Customizable & Detailed Reports

Create customized reports, with results that you can trust. Reports can incorporate all design and analysis results calculated by PC-PUMP.

Comprehensive Equipment Database

A current and comprehensive equipment database for all surface and downhole equipment, obtained directly from the equipment manufacturers.

Additional Benefits

Evaluate safety of braking system to control backspin during a shutdown event

Batch Analysis
Run batch comparisons and analysis to determine optimal configurations

Dedicated team to help you troubleshoot and improve the software to serve you better

Performance Comparison
Compare performance of rod driven pumps to electric submersible PCP systems

On-going optimization of well productivity and operations

Licence Options
Select between a virtual or physical licence to best facilitate your needs

Add-On Modules




Language Module

Run PC-PUMP with multi-language functionality. Select your preferred language to start designing and analyzing your PCP system with ease.

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AMPCP Wear Module

Analyze the run-life of your All-Metal PCP system with our latest module. Compare results of a standard PCP to an AMPCP system.

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API Module

Currently under development. Link PC-PUMP’s database, design and analysis to a third-party platform using our Application Program Interface.

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Basic Version

  • Access to the latest equipment database

  • Create and design custom pumps
  • Accurate and reliable reports
  • Unlimited calculations and analysis

Enhanced Version

  • All features of the basic version included

  • Choice of language module

  • AMPCP wear module

  • Priority status for customer support

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Educational version available. Contact us for more information

Our Users

“Weatherford uses C-FER PC-PUMP software for all PCP-system design and installations. Paired with detailed operational and equipment data, Weatherford PCP experts use the software to simulate variable operating parameters of a planned PCP system, fine-tune the design, and install a perfected and optimized PCP solution for clients worldwide.”

“Over a number of years C-FER has consistently provided prompt, helpful expert advice on a range of technical topics. C-FER’s input was fundamental to the establishment of our automated reliability database and analytical framework. The connection with the technical community combined with the experience and insights from C-FER helps to implement known solutions and identify and evaluate new potential solutions.”

“C-FER Technologies has been our place to go for technical consultations and sharing. With their vast experience, deep knowledge and quick turn around, we have analysed technical data together vital for making right decisions.”


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