ESP Reliability Information and Failure Tracking JIP

The goal of ESP-RIFTS JIP is a collaborative effort by ESP operators and C-FER Technologies
to improve ESP run-life and reduce downtime.

Join other industry leaders today to improve your run-life.

Project Categories

Best Practices

Develop ESP specific repository of practices

  • ESP troubleshooting guidelines

  • Electrical penetrator reliability

  • High gas design and operation

  • Electrical power system and quality

Knowledge Sharing

Identify and quantify key challenges in the ESP industry

  • Biannual technical workshops

  • Knowledge sharing sessions

  • Over 100 technical articles

  • Secure online technical discussion forums

Data Analysis

Provide Participants with tools and services to improve ESP run-life

  • Installation and failure database

  • Biannual benchmarking reports

  • Individual targeted data analysis

  • Data tracking and analysis software

Targeted Research

Conduct targeted research activities to solve key challenges

  • Technical literature reviews

  • Numerical simulations

  • Long and short term lab testing

  • Require fourth bullet

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“I am very hard pressed to think of any element of the ESP system that they haven’t investigated from the power quality input to the turning of the motor.  I find the cause and effect diagrams an invaluable tool for investigating issues.”

John Graham, Suncor


“There are many benefits that Suncor has received from the small amount of funds that are paid to participate in the RIFTs group. Members include Producers from the offshore, SAGD and land-based operations throughout the world. If we had to individually pay consultants to do this work, it would be far more expensive. To be totally honest, I think that the RIFTs group has helped Suncor to increase its system run lives over several years.  It has definitely been money well spent.”

John Graham


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